December 14, 2018

Cape Fox Awards 2018

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conservation conference
Ingrid du Plessis

2023 Symposium – Conservancies and landowners can help change nature’s trajectory.

People are putting the earth – especially the natural world – under considerable pressure. And it will be up to us, from conservationists, to conservancies and private landowners, to change the course from our current trajectory.

This was the message at the Conservation At Work Symposium, hosted at the Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre in Robertson on 31 August and 1 September 2023. The symposium was attended by conservation organisations and authorities, conservancies, and individual landowners.

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Ingrid du Plessis

Landowner conservation day – Swartland, 10 May 2023

The first Landsowners day of 2023 was held at Bartholomeus Klip, the venue is situated on the edge of a dam and looking up through the Elandsberg Nature Reserve. This could not have been a more spectacular location to house the event. Seven Conservancies was able to attend the day that consisted of presentations from organisations in the morning followed by an afternoon spent in the field

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