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April 17, 2013

The Cape Fox Adventure Race

Are you an adventure seeker with a passion for the outdoors and can you work as part of a team? The Cape Fox Adventure race will go past various farms and landscapes in the Cape Winelands and the Overberg. Seven Western Cape conservancies will form part of the race route giving contestants insight into the conservation work being done at these conservancies. Be ready to face the elements on the route along this beautiful coastline and mountain scenery.

The Cape Fox Adventure Race

The 3-day Cape Fox Adventure Race will test your endurance and push your limits, as you face challenges and use your abilities in a race against time.


Teams are made up of two contestants per team. Up to 18 teams will be selected to take part in the race, all competing to be crowned as the first ever Cape Fox Adventurer team. Teams can consist of people from different walks of life but all participants should have a spirit for adventure.

Corporate teams could also use this event as a team building exercise. Teams should be fit, since some of the activities will be strenuous./p>

Application Process

  • Choose a team mate that will compliment your abilities and strengths.
  • Request application form under the contact us section of this website
  • Fill in the application form and submit together with your team mate’s application form and a recent photograph of yourself.
  • Send application forms by 5 September 2013 to. Limited spaces available.
  • The Cape Fox Adventure Race selection committee will review all the entries and select the chosen adventure teams to enter the race.
  • You will be notified by 13 September on whether your application was successful or not.
  • Further instruction will follow upon notification.

Race Dates

The race will take place from 25– 27 October 2013

Registration Fee

The registration fee is R4 600 per team and includes all accommodation, startup pack, food and prizes. Conservation at Work is a non-profit organisation and any surplus funds will be used for private conservation work done in the Western Cape.


Teams will receive various challenges to complete daily, testing their physical and mental abilities. The event is similar to The Amazing Race and teams will accumulate points depending on how fast they complete tasks. The various challenges will only be revealed on the race days. Only after completion of every challenge will they receive a clue for the following challenge. Teams will also be tested in their ability to work in a team, solve problems, respect nature, be creative, navigate and endure.


Point standings will only be announced on the final day at the official prize giving. Prizes will be awarded based on various criteria and not only to the winning team. The overall winning team will also walk away with the ‘Cape Fox Adventurer 2013’ trophy.

Required Team / Race gear

  • A vehicle & GPS
  • Two mountain bikes
  • Helmets and protective gear
  • Headlamps
  • Teams are required to bring their own tents, sleeping bags and any other creature comforts

Accommodation & Food

Food and camping facilities / accommodation will be provided and is included in the team entry fee. Electricity availability is dependent on the venue.


Please obey the directions and instructions of the marshals/traffic authorities. Their role and your co-operation is vital for safety in this event. Those who do not comply to the rules will be disqualified.

Safety and First Aid

An ambulance will be in attendance along the route and a paramedic will be available at race posts. Lifesavers will be in attendance on the water during the swim/water challenges.

Environmental Management

Since the activities will take place in and around the conservancies, we will ensure that the event has a low impact on the environment. The event will be managed within the standards as set in the City of Cape Town events bylaw and other related legislation (NEMA, etc.), to ensure that the event complies with their requirements. The event will also be managed with a strict Environmental and Sustainability ethos. The event aims to look at Social Responsibility, Environmental Compliance and the implementation of sustainable principles – re-think, reduce, re-use and recycle. Marshals, Environmental Officers and Ambulance staff will be present to act in case of an emergency and to guide teams and watch that all teams comply with the event rules and regulations.

The Western Cape is a very valuable area for conservation, due to the high species diversity we find here. There are many areas of high conservation value and a lot of this land is privately owned. Conservation of these areas is valuable for the future of biodiversity of the Western Cape. Many landowners in the Western Cape join conservancies, to collectively have a positive impact on the environment. Conservation at Work is a non-profit association that represents all conservancies in the Western Cape and provides assistance to these conservation minded landowners.

Fore more information and entry forms please contact us.

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